Lightroom Classic CC "Manual" Backups

Lightroom is a database and as such can be corrupted for a variety of reasons.  Therefore, all catalogs must be maintained and backed up on a regular basis. 

Here is a link to Adobe's instructions for backup and restore.
I am not typically working in Lightroom on a daily basis so for normal backups I tend to allow weekly backup and optimization.  However, after a long trip I may be working in Lightroom for hours on end and want to backup more frequently than my default schedule. 

Adobe provides the option to manually optimize your catalog via the File | Optimize Catalog menu selection but they do not provide such an obvious method for performing manual backups.  Fortunately they do provide a way to perform a manual backup via the Catalog Settings | General tab.  In the link above search for "Back up a catalog manually" and follow their instructions.

What Adobe fails to mention is the "When Lightroom next exits" setting is temporary!  What are the implications?  When you select this setting and exit Lightroom a backup will be made using your standard settings.  But, when you restart Lightroom your schedule will revert back to your prior configuration.  Way to go Adobe!!!

Now, I suspect you are groaning about having to exit Lightroom (I know I do 😏) but as I said above Lightroom is a database.  Adobe most likely built the backup routines to only happen when they can ensure the database is in a consistent state and therefore provide a usable backup.

Having given Adobe kudos for making the "When Lightroom next exits" temporary I would still appreciate seeing a menu option added along side "Optimize Catalog".

Word of warning... the documentation indicates the Back up Catalog setting will revert to "Never" after using "When Lightroom next exits".  I tested this on three different systems each with different catalogs and I always had it revert to my prior setting.  After the first time you try this process verify your catalog settings.


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